About Us

About Our Company

Hey friend, we are absolutely delighted that you are here! Science of healthy living was created by an all female crew; two doctors, a fitness expert and a nutritionist spent over three years of planning and implementation to create this space for women like you.

We are women of color who saw the need for an effective and easy to use healthy habits program amongst so many of our communities. We really hope that you find this helpful.

We combine psychology, fitness and nutrition to create plans that are healthy and actually work. Once you take the weight loss quiz and determine your daily caloric need for weight loss, you are given delicious and easy to create recipes + fitness plans to choose from. You can then create your own meal plan using the recipes given. We believe that a meal plan should be completely customizable by you.

Overall, it is super simple and easy to use! There is no restrictive dieting, rather a focus on consciously making healthier food choices and adding an effective work out.

We really hope that all this sincere hard work becomes an incredible new resource for you. We love suggestions and ideas on how we can make it better. Please let us know your thoughts on our instagram @scienceofhealthyliving.