Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


Hina J. Cheema

Co Founder & MD


Most of you may know me from my instagram @storyofstyle. But if you’re new here, WELCOME!

I am a mom to two, Ayra 12 and Yusuf 6 and live in Dallas, Texas. I am an OBGYN, I quit my job in Michigan in 2019 to volunteer my OBGYN skills and services to those in need. There were many challenges but I am so thankful that this year, I was finally able to open a Free women’s health clinic in Plano, TX where I volunteer once a week.

I started creating content on instagram as a creative outlet in 2017. I was a tired mom and OBGYN whose husband was out of town for half of the week. The real me was lost somewhere between motherhood and medicine. Expressing my love for style, travel and home decor allowed me so much creative freedom. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I found the real me.

When I worked as an OBGYN, I also helped my patients lose weight for fertility and a more healthier life. It brought me so much joy when I saw women taking control of their health and bodies. And I intend to do that here as well.

Thank you so much for your trust in us. I am so looking forward to starting this journey of health with you guys.

Fun fact: Alia and Huma are my sisters while Shazia is one of my best friends!

Alia Javaid


Doctor, Scientist

Hey guys, I am so happy to have you here. I am Alia, a General practice (family med) doctor and scientist in Scotland and a mom to two wonderful boys, aged 7 and 4.

I have a PhD in Gastroenterology, Nutrition and hepatology from Queen Mary University, London. Aside from my doctor job, I am currently enrolled in a masters program in Stem cells and Regenerative medicine because of my interest in the future potential of healing untreatable diseases.

At the beginning of my journey to becoming a physician, I learned the strong relationship between the way we feel and our digestive health. My M.Sc Gastroenterology research was based on the notion that psychological stress can alter the immune response in the gut and make people more prone to inflammation, leaky gut and infection. I received a distinction based on my research and other accomplishments during my masters program.

Now, I understand in greater depth the interplay between mind and gut and how issues in the gut can affect the mind and body. However, my deepest understanding came from when I applied these principles in my personal life.

I never thought that I would be able to help people like this, sharing my lifelong learning. I feel grateful for this opportunity and plan to move forward in this journey with you as a family and hope that you will find this space educational and supportive.

Shazia Hasan

Certified Fitness trainer

Fitness trainer

Hey guys, I am Shazia. I am a certified fitness trainer and a mom to five. After the birth of my first child, I developed an interest in fitness and an overall healthier lifestyle, which later became my passion.

When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after my third child, I began taking my health more seriously. I had gained a substantial amount of weight and had to work very hard to achieve my ideal weight and fitness level. This was when my passion for healthy living began. I got certified as a fitness trainer and turned my passion into a career.

I gained at least 50 lbs with each child and it took a carefully created meal and fitness schedule to shed that weight every time.

I am committed to helping women, particularly moms who are busy taking care of others. I strive to motivate them to exercise and to achieve a healthier lifestyle for their overall wellness.

I cultivated fitness plans that cater to both those who are new to exercise and to those who are familiar with exercising. I have researched how exercise can improve your cardiovascular system, and mental health, as well as how it can improve our insulin production and regulate blood sugar.

Aside from this, I enjoy volunteering at my kids’ school and have a passion for helping refugees. When I lived in Michigan, I was actively involved in a program that was dedicated to providing aid to incoming refugees in Detroit. We provided them with food, essential supplies, financial aid, and more to make their transition into America as easy as possible.

I am so excited about beginning this journey with you and sharing my knowledge about fitness and healthy living with you guys!

Huma Yassir

MSc Food and Nutrition

Recipe creator

Hi friends, I am Huma. I am a mom to two, modern home maker, foodie and recipe developer. I currently live in Exeter, Pennsylvania. I am originally from Pakistan where I completed MSc in Food and Nutrition. I have always been a foodie for as long as I can remember. When I was 9 years old I wanted to make salads, sandwiches and baked goods. I even tried my hand at peanut butter after getting inspired by it in Sesame Street.

In high school, I started getting lethargic, gained weight, had no concentration and my grades were starting to get affected. I ignored it thinking it was stress-related.

After graduating high school, it made sense to enroll in BSc Home Economics which combined my greatest passions, food, arts and crafts.

The lethargy and weight gain continued. I started working out and ate the minimum amount of food and lost 20 lbs. However, I felt tired all the time. Despite all that, it was a relief that I passed with a great GPA and took admission is M.Sc Food and Nutrition. The education significantly helped me in improving my diet. After remaining undiagnosed for years, I was finally diagnosed and treated for hypothyroidism. My diet, fitness and health improved as I continued to learn more.

After completing my MSc, I married the love of my life and moved to US with him for his residency.

I found my solace in food and crafts. I learned to cook several different cuisines, crochet, painting, self taught myself the art of wire wrapping, created jewelry and worked with resin.

I volunteer at my children’s school and help fundraise via baking, cooking and selling my handmade jewelry. I am also committed to helping refugees in my area and regularly distribute aid to them.

I have created the majority of the recipes, the process was so much fun. I had fails but so many successes and I am so excited to share those with you and help you on your journey of healthy living.